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Mar. 16th, 2010


This mug almost made me cry when I saw it on the shelf...

Reminds me of those good times I had with meganrenee323 back in December. Shame this is too fragile to send over :(

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Mar. 5th, 2010

Young Miffy

Bunny's World Juke Box

It's almost Spring time and I would like to dedicate Deva Premal's "Tumare Darshan", one of my favourite sanskrit song to all my friends here:

"The season has arrived where I will finally see you and dance with you.
With the breathing in of joy, it is time to live in bliss."

Dec. 11th, 2009


work - always makes you head spin

Forget about my last entry. Monday's weather is not good enough! Now they are looking into Tuesday...

*changing Megan's London schedule again to maximize the time I can keep her company*

work - always happen when you tried to plan on something

Been a busy bee, but finally I got an undisturbed sleep last night from 11pm til this morning! :D (tell me this is the end of "I can never get good sleep before 4am" crazy sleeping pattern!)

Now now, some of you knew that I may have a hot air balloon (!) shoot coming on... got a call this morning to say the weather is not good enough for this Sunday. Good! So I can pick Megan up! But Monday is looking promising and they'll confirm it after 3pm. Bad! Meaning I'll have to leave Megan on her own after she checked in to the hotel. I'll have to drive to Bristol and stayed overnight to prepare for the early morning shoot on Monday.

That also means I'll miss the concert on Sunday night and not be able to be with Megan on Monday... I can only be her tour guide (London leg) for a day??? (work is confirmed for next Wednesday and Thursday as well, a commercial with some kind of moisturiser...)

What a joy when you are freelancing and you have planned something ahead. Tell me this will be all set so I don't have to jiggle again!

Oct. 17th, 2009


Bunny's Reggae/Ska Juke Box

An entry to shoutout for claudia916!

My Boy Lollipop, such a great song. I love the cover version from the Japanese band Dreamlets but their records are very hard to find. In fact my favourite song from them is A Breathtaking Guy but after the years, I failed to find a copy either in vinyl or CD! So The Supremes would do the job now.

The better is yet to come...Collapse )

Fellini all the way - it takes 2!

Okay, the last entry was a major FAIL, depends on the layout of your own LJ, it just shows up funny since LJ cannot handle the table well. I know this is not ideal but you can go to the website, click the top 100 movies and read the tabel from there. Anyway...

You should have no problemo this time!Collapse )

Fellini all the way!!!

It's been a while. I found the list on films101.com. Thank god they don't put blockbusters (aka Titanic) on the list. If you ask me to pick my favourites... it really shows my love for Italian cinema.

The list and my humble opinion...Collapse )

Oct. 3rd, 2009


Not for any bride/groom to be...

Crazy in love?

Found your man?

Dream of the perfect wedding?

Read this blog and you may change your mind...

FYI, meganrenee323 picked this photo, not me!!!

atiecay you can use this blog to attack your wedding crazy friend now! ;)

Sep. 27th, 2009


For the cat lovers:

Catographer: Cooper

An interesting interview with the owner...Collapse )

Excuse for the layout, LJ is playing with html again... :/

Sep. 12th, 2009


Bunny's Classical Juke Box

Mahler Symphony No 2 in C minor 'Resurrection' by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam
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